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Most pet insurance companies statistically rank dermatologic problems as the number one reason a pet is brought to the family veterinarian. This trend has persisted for many years. Skin and ear problems are very common in our furry friends. Although many of these problems are perfectly handled by your family veterinarian, there are situations when a specialist is recommended.

Who is a Dermatologist?

Dermatologists like Dr. Michaela Austel undergo a minimum of three years of additional specialty training in dermatology under the stringent guidance of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology. This training is followed by a rigorous qualifying examination. Only veterinarians that successfully complete training and pass the examination can call themselves a Dermatologist.

To be successful, a Dermatologist must always be embedded in a team, as many dermatologic conditions can be chronic or severe conditions (like allergies, chronic ear problems, or autoimmune diseases). The best team usually consists of, but is never limited to, the pet’s human family, the family veterinarian and technicians, and the Dermatologist’s own team. However, we often also need the help of groomers, pet sitters, and friends. Sometimes skin lesions are a reflection of internal disease and other specialists may need to be involved.

Goals of our Service

The goal of our Dermatology Service is to forge a strong team with everybody involved in our furry patient’s life. As a team, we tailor state-of-the art diagnostics and high-quality treatment options to the individual patient’s needs while keeping a very close eye on another, very important factor: quality of life. Dermatology welcomes any veterinarian or pet owner who wants an opinion, a discussion, or simply more information as far as diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities. Dermatology welcomes phone consultations by family veterinarians at any time.

The initial evaluation of a patient usually takes at least one hour. This and subsequent visits are accompanied by a detailed written report for the pet parents. The report is also faxed or e-mailed to the family veterinarian on the same day. This allows the entire team to remain on the same page where treatment and diagnostics are concerned.

At the Dermatology Service at NGVS, we strongly believe every patient is an individual and therefore deserves individualized approaches and solutions to every problem. We see ourselves as an integral part of your pet’s total health care team.

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