Dermatology Services

Allergies, chronic pruritus, chronic and recurrent pyoderma

  • Intradermal skin testing
  • IgE blood testing
  • Allergen specific immunotherapy (injectable or oral formulations)
  • Immunotherapy with Staphylococcus lysate vaccine
  • Dietary investigation and hypoallergenic diet trials

Autoimmune skin disease

  • Skin biopsy and cytology of lesions
  • Specific blood work/tests
  • Working with internal medicine

Ear disease

  • Video-otoscopy, myringotomy (middle ear flushing/sampling), biopsy of growths of the middle ears or ear canals
  • Deep ear flushes under anesthesia
  • Medical management of otitis externa and media (including drug-resistant Pseudomonas infections)
  • Digital radiographs and CT scans
  • Soft tissue surgery (Polyp/growth removal, total ear canal ablation, bulla osteotomy)
Veterinary Otitis Media Diagnosis

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