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Veterinary orthotics, prosthetics, and assistive devices

Orthotics, prosthetics and other assistive devices are an emerging technologies in the veterinary field, that can aid in the well-being of your pet. These devices are used to either correct or accommodate the affected limb(s) of your pet that have been disabled through congenital deformity, trauma, illness or old age. There are many advantages afforded by orthoses and prostheses. Simply put, they  may offer treatment options where none existed before, and may help improve outcome with current therapy. They can improve quality of life and functional independence, preventing premature decisions to euthanize. They are most often used to stabilize a neurologically deficient limb, provide support for a weak tarsus or carpus, protect a limb from self-mutilation, or for prevention of contractures. They are also a great alternative to amputation and will help keep your pet healthy and happy.  Patients can return to an active lifestyle that curtails obesity and associated comorbidities. Biomechanics can be improved, decreasing secondary or compensatory pain.

To determine if an assistive device is right for  your pet, a thorough patient evaluation must be performed to provide a specific device prescription. The evaluation is designed to to fully define the presenting deficit, characterize biomechanical implications, identify complicators or co-morbidities and diagnose all primary and secondary pain generators. At North Georgia Veterinary Specialists, we have partnered with leading manufacturers of highest quality Orthotics and Prosthetics to assist your pet in regaining his/her quality of life. We also partner with you and your primary care veterinarian to make sure the devices are successful in your pet. Some of the devices available include:

  • Stifle braces
  • Carpal/Tarsal braces
  • Hip braces
  • Prosthetics
  • Contracture Bracing
  • Deformity Braces

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