Image: North Georgia Veterinary Specialists

Visiting Hours and Policies

Our staffs recognize the importance of pets having nurturing time with their loved ones as they recover, and we encourage clients to visit their pets that are hospitalized for prolonged periods regularly. It is important, however, to understand that not all pets are comforted by human contact when they are seriously ill. Therefore, we may limit the frequency and duration of visits if your pet develops signs of distress or agitation during visitation. Visiting times may also be limited to enable our veterinarians and technicians assess and treat patients in a timely and appropriate manner. Due to privacy concerns, you will only have access to your pet and information about your pet.

All clients are strongly advised to prearrange visits with the doctor coordinating the care of their pet. Visits are usually performed under the supervision of your doctor and your doctor will attempt to be available. Please be aware that your doctor may sometimes not be available at the time of visitation. Direct communication with your doctor may therefore not occur at the time of the visit, necessitating that communication with your doctor occur by phone at a later time. Please turn off your cell phone during your visit.

All visits usually occur in specified visiting areas, usually one of our Consulting Rooms. Please do not visit with your pet outside of these areas or take your pet outdoors without the permission and supervision of a member of staff. If your pet cannot be safely removed from his/her kennel for visitation, our staff may escort you into the Intensive Care Unit or Wards for visitation. Only immediate family is permitted to visit in clinical areas. Your visit to ICU or your pet’s hospital ward will be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes ( and two visits per day). Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult family member. Visitation may be terminated or denied at any time at the discretion of ICU staff, dependent on the condition of patients and/or a veterinary crisis in the unit.

Please do not enter clinical areas of the hospital or otherwise walk through areas marked “Authorized Personnel Only.” or “Staff Only.” Also, please remember to disinfect your hands prior to and after visiting your pet. We provide hand-sanitizing solution in the our waiting area and consulting rooms.